Monday, September 22, 2008

Project Guitar Updates

Although I've been working on a lot of pedal projects lately, I have been working on some project guitars as well. Now that the summer is over and the humidity has dropped, I can spray again. Mostly been working on the Timmy GT, which is almost ready for the racing stripes. Tim and Danny were out back spraying the metallic silver color coat with me over the weekend! Tim did fine but Danny had a hard time pressing down the spray valve, so he had me do it and he moved the can. Somehow we avoided getting paint runs. Not sure if that's due to the Duplicolor being easy to work with or the inherited painting skill of my boys. Hopefully we can soon finish this project that was started almost 2 years ago.

I've decided that Project Shredder is being scrapped. The neck I bought never fit the body correctly, and even though I modified the neck heel it still won't work right. The post holes for the Floyd Rose were drilled incorrectly from the factory, and my attempts to fill and re-drill were sloppy and imprecise. I really need a drill press for this kind of thing. I'll be using the body fpr paint practice and may use the neck for re-fret practice. Oh fun... The shame is that I have all the hardware needed to finish it - pickups, Mighy-Mite Floyd Rose, knobs, switches, etc. may ebay them or try another Shredder project later on.

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